Super Barbara Ballerina

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Hey Ladies, would you like to watch Super Barbara debuting and performing in a ballet show? She is going to perform in the amazing Swan Lake ballet and she is going to interpret both swan roles, the black and the white swan. In this Super Barbara Ballerina game you are going to be her fashion adviser. You are in charge to make sure that Super Barbara is going to wear the most amazing outfits. As Barbara is going to play both roles, you will have to create her white swan outfit first. Choose the perfect white dress and use feather decorations for her hair. For the second act, you will have to create Barbara's black swan outfit as well. Find an amazing glitzy black dress, matching shoes and accessories. You also need to change Barbara's hair color and hairstyle. At the end of the show, Barbara is going to wear a colorful dress and you must decide which one she should wear. For each outfit, Super Barbara needs a different makeup so do your best! Have a really great time playing this new game called Super Barbara Ballerina!

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