Elsa And Anna DIY Sunglasses

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Elsa and Anna, you favorite sister duo, are getting ready for their summer getaway in our brand new game called Elsa And Anna DIY Sunglasses. The girls have been spending a lot of time buying the perfect items to make sure they will look stylish on their vacation but unfortunately they haven't found a pair of sunglasses to complete their beautiful looks so the girls have decided to do a little DIY project and design the sunglasses themselves. They will need a helping hand to make sure the sunglasses will look brilliant and we thought you might love to help the girls out. Start by picking a shape for each of the girls and then move on to the decoration part. Paint the frame in wonderful colors or choose a cute pattern and then go ahead and add some glitter. Add cute rhinestones and then choose a color for the lenses. Next, decorate the other pair of glasses in the same way and finally, go ahead and use some of the amazing clothes that the girls bought to create a cool look. Have a blast playing Elsa And Anna DIY Sunglasses!

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