Cinderella's Glittery Skirt

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Cinderella is a huge fashionista and she loves to keep up with all of the latest trends. She is always on the lookout for the most fashionable items and recently, while browsing Pinterest, she has discovered just how amazing glittery skirts are. She would love to own one but she just couldn抰 find the right one in any of the stores she went through. Nevertheless, she found the perfect solution to own that perfect glittery skirt, making it herself. She will, however, need a little help creating and then styling it and we thought you might love to help her do that. If you would then go ahead and play Cinderella's Glittery Skirt here on our website. Start by picking a design for the dress and then color it in the glittery shade of your choice. Next, help Cinderella create a sporty outfit centered around her brand new glittery skirt. Choose a hairstyle and then add a super cute and fun top. Add shoes and accessories and then go ahead and create an elegant outfit to match the same skirt. A classy top and high end jewelry will give the whole outfit a wonderful, elegant look. Have fun playing Cinderella's Glittery Skirt!

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