Barbara Date Crasher

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Barbara has broken up with her boyfriend recently and she has found out that Ken has already moved on and he is now on a date with his current girlfriend. Now she has devised a plan along with her girlfriends to go and crash his date to show him what he is missing and make him regret the decision of breaking up! In order to make that happen, she will have to dress up to impress! Would you like to style Barbara in a fabulous outfit? Then play this new Cutezee game called Barbara Date Crasher! You will have to look through her closet and browse through the item to see which ones will suit the occasion best. They are all oh, so beautiful, so take your time to try them all on and after you are satisfied with the result, go ahead and add the finishing touches. Add a statement necklace and a fashionable purse that will give the look the edge it needs. Add a pair of sunglasses! Now Barbara is surely going to impress Ken and, why not, make him want to get back together with Barbara. This fun game is one of many on our website so play more and have fun!

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