Baby Elsa Skiing Trip

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Oh my! Sweet baby Elsa is now getting ready for her very first skiing trip… she’s so excited about it and she can’t wait to hit the French Alpes in style. She’s going to need your precious helping hand to pack everything she needs for her amazing skiing vacation, so feel free to join her in getting the super fun Frozen ‘Baby Elsa Skiing Trip’ game for girls started. She already has prepared a long list with important things she needs to feel comfortable while being away so your main task will be to search through sweet baby Elsa’s room and spot her warm suit, her snow boots, googles, gloves, some tasty sandwiches and a couple of other things she has on her list. Next, can you help her take care of her beloved kitty-cat and green plants? Water the flowers and feed the little pet before going away. On the next page of our fun game, you’ll find a new challenge: baby Elsa managed to loose her map and she’s going to need your help to solve a jigsaw puzzle and find the ski centre. You’ve got two minutes to put back the pieces in their right place, so make sure you move really, really quick. One more thing and you ladies are ready to enjoy a fn day in the snow… can you help Baby Elsa properly dress up? Have a great time skiing with Elsa!

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