Baby Barbara Nerdy Chic

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Hey Ladies, did you know that nerdy outfits can be cute and lovely? Baby Barbara knows, and she's been thinking to change her look for quite some time, but couldn't decide what style to choose. Now she decided to go nerdy style! In this fun new Baby Barbara Nerdy Chic game you can help her find the best outfit and post a picture on Instagram. So let's get nerdy and take a look inside her wardrobe to mix and match lovely clothing item and give Baby Barbara the desired look. Should she wear a cute polka dot skirt, a striped dress or jeans? Whatever you choose, make sure to find a matching short or sweater and a jacket. Next, you can style up Baby Barbara's hair and to complete her nerdy chic look, you must find some geeky accessories, such as nerdy glasses, a hat and a bag. Once you found the perfect nerdy outfit, it's time to take a picture and post it on Instagram. I wonder how many likes she will get. Have a really great time playing this fun new game called Baby Barbara Nerdy Chic!

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